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EBOLARAIN3  is a cytologist’s desperate attempts to write  eradication  and prevention programs to help put out the Ebola Zaire 2014 epidemic in Liberia,Guinea and Sierra Leone STUDENT DISCOUNTED RATE 5.00 FUNDS GO TOWARD WRITING EBOLA ZAIRE PREVENTATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS PROFESSIONALS, WHO, HHS, DIPLOMATS, UNITED NATIONS, NIH RESEARCHERS, CONGRESSMEN, AFRICAN UNION PERSONNEL 25.OO


        Real-life issue … a sign warning about Ebola in Liberia. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA   alz123alz commented on a video on YouTube. Shared publicly – Dec 8, 2014 INSTRUCTIONS TO FIGHT THE EBOLA VIRUS IN WEST AFRICA WASH YOUR HANDS, FEET, ARMS and LEGS WITH A FIVE PER CENT CLOROX BLEACH AND Read More …